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The World of Information Technology is constantly changing.
Let us find the solutions that fit your needs,
not make things more complex.

Protect Your Business

  • MICROSOFT ACTIVE DIRECTORY - Experienced professionals who know how to setup and manage your Microsoft Windows network, users, and data shares. We can also provide audits of who has rights to which data shares on the network to ensure that the most sensitive data is only accessed by the individuals and departments who need it.
  • EMAIL & DATA PROTECTION - More and more of the devices you use every day are connected via the internet, and so are the bad guys. We will help you protect your data and devices from intrusion, viruses, malware, and ransomware.  
  • DISASTER RECOVERY & BACKUP SOLUTIONS - Instead of one-size-fits-all offerings, we are experienced in a variety of hardware, software, and cloud backup solutions that fit your business size, type, and budget. Your data is the lifeblood of your business and proper documentation, execution, and disaster planning can protect your business assets and bottom line.

Plan For Your Future

  • MICROSOFT WINDOWS & MAC OS - Unlike most IT management firms in the area, we are equally comfortable in Windows and Mac operating systems and can help integrate them to benefit from the best of both worlds.
  • MICROSOFT OFFICE & 365 - This essential piece of software has become the defacto language for sharing data between employees and other businesses. We have various solutions that can fit your company’s budget based on which features you need and how you want to access your data from outside the office.
  • ERP SYSTEMS - We are well versed in many different ERP and accounting packages to be able to properly install, update, and integrate these products into your business environment.
  • TECHNOLOGY GROWTH PLANNING - Hardware and software solutions only work if they fit in the size and culture of your business. Designing and implementing those solutions properly helps keep your business current while ensuring you don’t waste valuable resources.

Connect Your Business

  • MESH WIRELESS NETWORKS - In an era where we almost take wireless networks for granted, proper planning and and installation ensures the best coverage and speeds in all the most important areas of your business, while also protecting your network from unwanted access.
  • IP SECURITY CAMERAS - We were constantly being contacted by security camera installers to connect their video recorders to their firewalls and the internet, so we started offering these systems as well. We have tested many different brands and have a few that offer the flexibility, clarity, and connectivity options that most businesses need while being able to monitor your building from a PC, notebook, or even a phone.
  • MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGY - Apollo Productions is more than just a computer company. Conference rooms, smart thermostats, intelligent lighting, multi-room audio systems, touch screens, tablets and many other ways of connecting with your business are becoming more common. The IT and Audio Video divisions of Apollo Productions combine to integrate all of these technologies for your current and future needs.


"Anthony was able to promptly identify and resolve an urgent IT security crisis at our company. Our confidence in Anthony's skills, customer service, and communication prompted us to sign on as full-time clients and he (and his firm) have supported every aspect of our network ever since."

Alex Foris
President, SVO Group, Inc.

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