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No one tells us not to rock the boat. That’s mostly because it’s hard not to rock a barge filled with gear and musicians. The Diamond Lake Independence Weekend Party was the most excellent of successes, filled with partying hard (sometimes too hard). The Sandbar Bums brought the funk, the chill and the love as they navigated the churning waters from bodies dancing in the sunlight, everybody feeling warm and bright. It was such a fine and natural sight. We love working with the bums, and this event was a perfect opportunity to test out our new SRX 15” speakers in tandem with our SRX 18” subwoofers. This show is one of the most exhausting and fun things we get to do. We look forward to next year, and celebrating independence. #MURICA

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Creation and invention are the heart of humanity. We move along as quickly as we can, creating and destroying all that we can and even some things we shouldn’t have been able to create or destroy. That’s too heavy for this project: Here Be Dragons and Gasp. These are a couple of short young adult plays written and developed with the help of some recent Concord High School graduates. Written as stand alone shows, capable of being sequential, they are goofy romps through the imagination. Dragons follows three siblings who discover a dragon egg in their grandmother’s old trunk and their quest to learn the truth of its origin. Gasp finds a butler and his ghost friend on the night Lady Uma Abdel is to name her heir, but she hides a terrible secret (gasp).

For more information on either producing Here Be Dragons or Gasp, or having a show written specifically for your needs, visit our Contact page.


This is Lone Lear, a one-man production of the Shakespeare classic King Lear. Melding the style and language of classical theatre with all the exuberance of storytelling. Lone Lear runs the gamut of human emotions.

By the very nature of live theatre, it’s unlikely many of you were able to see this show during its original run. To remedy your undoubtedly displeasured minds, we’re working on the next stage of this production: The Lear Project. Performance and entertainment are vital parts of any show, but a good deal of people, young and old alike, are put off by Shakespeare’s language. Our resident playwright/director, Travis Cox, has insisted (though we’ve tried hitting him over the head with things) that we allow him to go into schools and teach kids of all ages the joys and jokes and humanity which are inseparable from the Bard’s plays.

For more information on The Lear Project, visit our Contact page.